The Strata Moth continues it's travels

Date Published ‐ 08/01/2019

Photograph Credit: Beverley St. Nicholas Primary School.

The journey of the Strata Moth continues as we move into the New Year. Last December, the moth was privileged to meet the teachers and pupils of Beverley St. Nicholas Primary School. The students chose a very bright and vibrant design when painting and the Art & DT Co-ordinator, Mrs. Raisin had this to say, "The Strata Moth has really allowed our pupils to be creative and imaginative. They enjoyed being part of the planning process, and enjoyed watching their ideas grow into a solid piece of art. Thank you for giving us this opportunity". We thought Beverley St. Nicholas Primary School did a fantastic job of decorating the moth and loved being able to provide the opportunity for everyone there to get creative.

Photograph: Specialist Leader of Education - Debbie Smith and Strata Group Marketing Manager - Adam Dennis.

Leaping into 2019, we have now dropped the moth off at the next school and first of the year! For the next month, it will be in the safe hands of Highlands Primary School in Hull. We met with the School Head and the Art Teacher this morning when we delivered the moth and they seemed very excited to get started with the project. We can't wait to see how it is transformed. Keep up-to-date with the Strata Moth's journey by following us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will showcase the awesome work the pupils are doing. We also announce the upcoming schools for each month there too - so give us a like and a follow to see what's happening.

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